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Living Temple Foursquare Gospel Church Helps Save Mother Earth

By Admin

One of the highlights of the 58th Church Founding Anniversary Celebration of the Living Temple Foursquare Gospel Church (LTFGC) is the Tree Planting Activity on August 15, 2015. This was participated in by almost three hundred (300) members of the church, corresponding to the number of seedlings provided by CENRO, Tagum City. Since the activity was to transpire in the dawn of that day, there were only about 20% of the church membership who were pre-enlisted and were headed to Magdum, Tagum City, and the tree planting site.

Concluding the tree planting activity was a free breakfast served where every tree planter savored the food in the early morning breeze. Everyone paraded home feeling fulfilled that day knowing that the church is not only engaged in spiritual activities but also reaching the community through civic action.