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MMND Christian Educators Convened for PhilFACS, CG Box Activities

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MMND Christian Education workers convened for two consecutive activities aimed at strengthening the educational arm of the church. Held at the MFGC Sanctuary on June 19-20, CE workers were equipped with widened vision for the ministry, in addition to the new teaching strategies and materials.

Organizing Foursquare Christian Schools
A smaller-scale, district level Philippine Foursquare Association of Christian Schools or PhilFACS was formally organized on June 19. The goal of the group is to be the arm to help the Christian schools within the district by providing trainings or seminars on administration, government-relations, teaching strategies and best practices. A total of 36 participants, representing the 15 MMND churches with preschools attended the event.

The program highlights the purpose and potential of the Christian schools of the church. Rev. Kay Carolino shared the vision of the district regarding the partnership of the school and the church when it comes to evangelism and finances. A consultation activity was also done to hear the current situation of the schools to see how the newly-formed group can address their needs.

The event was capped off with food and fellowship.

Unboxing fun and learning through CG Box

Subsequently after PhilFACS fellowship, a one and a half-day event for Children's Gospel Box Training was held at the same venue. The activity was facilitated by Ptr. Rowena Macabos, official representative of CG Box Philippines together with her team, and in partnership with the MMND's Christian Education department.

The training was attended by 107 delegates where they were taught new action songs to teach their students, as well as new materials that can be used. CG Box is a ministry that aims to provide beneficiaries with a "box" of teaching tools and materials that can be used to share the gospel to children. The box includes tracts, puppets, gospel bracelets, lesson curriculum, and other teaching paraphernalia.

Pastors and workers joined in the fun as they take hands-on learning on how to teach actions songs, balloon twisting, doing skits and other lively activities. At the end of the program, Rev. Kay Carolino stressed out the importance of Christian Education in the church. The educators were challenged to invest in the next generation by teaching with excellence and teaching from the word of God.

The event ended with picture taking and the handing out of CG Box materials to all church representatives.