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MMND Strengthens UFM, UFW

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The annual district outpouring of Alabaster offerings of the United Foursquare Women drew a crowd full of color and flair at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife on March 7. A total of 323 participants joined the event which aimed to promote fellowship among the adult women of the district. Games and special numbers were also held to enliven the event. The highlight is the actual outpouring of the offering which amounted to P113, 428. Percentages of this amount will go to National Office (80%), District Office (10%) and Pastoral Care funds of the department (10%). The event was graced by Rev. Sally Chaves, UFW National Adviser, who served as their speaker.

On June 12, the United Foursquare Men conducted their sportsfest to promote camaraderie and to help strengthen the department. A total of ____ witnessed the occasion and participated in different ball and board games such as chess, darts, word factory, dama and games of the generals. This event also served as their membership ceremony where the members of the department were given their respective membership IDs. The sportsfest was held at Richland covered court, Richland Subdivision, Sauyo, Quezon City. In the future, they are planning to conduct competitive games to help boost the UFM's participation and support in their respective local churches.