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Foursquare Disaster Response Services Report On the Damaged Churches by Typhoon "Glenda"


One of the most powerful storms to hit the Philippines this year, typhoon "Glenda," dealt Metro Manila only a glancing blow of about three hours Wednesday of July 16, 2014, but it was enough to shut down the capital, leave the megacity, Southern Luzon and Bicol Region a shambles and without power, and take at least 20 lives as it blew out into the West Philippine Sea after cutting a wide swath of destruction from eastern to southern Luzon. The eye of Glenda passed to just south of Metro Manila at wind speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour and with gusts of up to 165 kph.

It directly passed through the provinces of BICOL Region and Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Quezon known as CALABARZON Region, leaving most of this region without electricity for almost two weeks. The powerful winds of Glenda (international name: Rammasun, which in Thai means "God of Thunder") though the strength and extent of damages were not as huge and wide as "Yolanda" brought down trees, electric posts and ripped off roofs across BICOL and the CALABARZON region. The number of Foursquare churches that were affected in this area, were 16 were partially damaged mostly roof portions and 5 were totally damaged, while about 454 families with houses which either partially or totally damaged.

The National office together with district offices in the two regions headed by our District Supervisor Rev. Joe Sanchez, have already extended some financial assistance for their immediate need of food and repairs. However, financial assistance and or construction materials for major repairs of damaged church building structures are yet to be solicited.


   Churches totally damaged - 3
   Families/houses totally damaged - 57
   Families/houses partially damaged - 297

   Churches totally damaged - 3
   Churches partially damaged - 16
   Families/houses totally and partially damaged - 100

Most of the churches and houses that were damaged are made of light materials, like these churches in Quezon and Laguna provinces under the Southern Luzon District.

Source: Office of the South Luzon District (SLD) which covers the provinces of Batangas, Laguna and Quezon that is under the supervision of Rev. Joe Sanchez, District Supervisor. And the office Bicol District headed by Rev. Ronnie Tabuna, Bicol District Supervisor.

For any help and assistance, please contact us at the National Office.